KGT301-Quartz Glass Rod

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Item: KGT301

Name: Quartz Glass Rod

OD: 2-20mm

Length: 10-1240mm

Material: high pure silica powder (99.95%)

Max heat-resistant temperature: 1000℃

Application: bridging rod of single end halogen lamps, optical fiber, quartz fiber, semiconductor wafer, and so on.


Using continuous melting process and advanced automatic production control system, KGT301-Quartz Glass Rod is produced by high pure silica powder (99.95%). It has many good characteristics, such as high purity, high heat-resistant temperature, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and so on.

KGT301-Quartz Glass Rod can be used for bridging rod of single end halogen lamps, optical fiber lighting, quartz fiber manufacturing, and semiconductor wafer processing, etc.



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