KGT103-UV Stop Quartz Glass Tube

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Item: KGT103

Name: UV Stop Quartz Glass Tube

OD: 3-200mm

Thickness: 0.5-6mm

Length: 5-3000mm

Material: high pure silica powder (99.95%)

Max heat-resistant temperature: 1000℃

Application: electric light source, UV filter glass, and so on.


Cerium is mixed in the production process, so KGT103-UV Stop Quartz Glass Tube can effectively prevent most of UV-A and all of UV-B, UV-C ultraviolet radiation transmission. KGT103-UV Stop Quartz Glass Tube is an ideal material for making UV protective product which has good visible light transmittance.

The electric light source, which is made by KGT103-UV Stop Quartz Glass Tube, can effectively prevent human body and working machine from ultraviolet radiation, meanwhile, has maximum visible view.



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