KGT102-Clear Quartz Glass Tube

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Item: KGT102

Name: Clear Quartz Glass Tube

OD: 3-460mm

Thickness: 0.5-30mm

Length: 5-4000mm

Material: high pure silica powder (99.95%)

Max heat-resistant temperature: 1000℃

Application: electric light source, heater, solar energy, industrial pipeline, and so on.


Using continuous melting process and advanced automatic production control system, KGT102-Clear Quartz Glass Tube is produced by high pure silica powder (99.95%). It has many good characteristics, such as high purity, strong transmission, precise dimension, low OH content and so on.

As the first choice of heat resistant material in light industries, KGT102-Clear Quartz Glass Tube can be used for halogen lamp, heater, solar energy, large diameter industrial pipeline, etc. At present, our max diameter is 460mm, and the normal OH content is 5-300ppm. According to customer’s requirements, we can cut, bend, frost, seal, polish, and similar processing.




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