• Detailed Description


Item: KGO101

Name: Window

Size: customized

Material: K9, Fused Silica, B270, CaF2, Sapphire, Borofloat, ZnSe, etc.


KGO101-Window is one kind of polished optical glass plate, which has two high parallel surfaces. KGO101-Window can be used as electronic sensors, optical elements, laser processing protection device and so on. Customer should consider the material properties of light transmission and mechanical properties before use.

According to material, KGO101-Window includes K9 window, fused quartz window, B270 window, CaF2 window, sapphire window, borosilicate window, ZnSe window, etc. According to function, KGO101-Window includes optical window, Brewster optical window, etc.







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