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Jade glass, special glass, what is jade glass?

time:01st January 70

There are many kinds of glass industry, in which there are many special kinds of special kind, which are equivalent to the special soldiers in the category. The following small editor will give you a brief introduction to the special kind of "jade glass" in the glass industry.


First of all, jade glass is also a real special glass product. The exterior surface of it into polishing and matte surface, polishing surface effect as the glass surface as smooth; matte surface, surface reflection effects for the diffuse type, with non slip effect. The use of the curtain wall, furniture and indoor engineering installation, plus its own translucent characteristics, has a stereoscopic effect.


The color of its appearance is based on the different processes in the production, and the patterns are also different. The most popular outside colors in the market are usually divided into pearl white, amber brown, Athens ash, hazy rain, emerald green, and rich enkephalin.


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