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Do you know anything special about special glass?

time:01st January 70

     Do you know anything special about special glass?
    Special glass refers to the selection of refined, high-purity new raw materials, with new technology under special conditions or strictly control the formation process of special function or special use of glass, it has the characteristics of the following points:
    1, changes in ingredients
    (1) from pure silicate system to silicate, borate and phosphate based glass system, a series of new non silicate oxide glass systems were further presented.
    (2) mixed glass from the pure oxide glass to the non oxide glass such as halide, chalcogenide and alloy compound and the different types of the mixed glass.
    From pure inorganic compound glass to composite glass.
    2, shape changes
    (1) from the traditional plate-like, block to film and fiber.
    (2) glass microspheres from hollow and solid to various particle sizes.
    3. Change of glass state
    High borosilicate heat resistant glass with differential phase is presented, and then opaque glass, glass ceramics and foam glass are presented.
    4, the change of glass function
    The data of light, electricity, magnetism and harmony are developed from the translucent data and packaging materials.
    5. Changes in glass preparation technology
    Traditional methods for preparing glass: high temperature melting method of crucible kiln and bath furnace.
    High temperature melting of special glass: electric heating, high frequency induction heating, multi-layer crucible melting, high pressure vacuum melting, solar furnace melting, plasma flame melting and laser melting and other means.


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