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Special glass attracted attention in the new material development period

time:01st January 70

    In the near future, the general report of the "12th Five-Year plan" of the emerging industry and seven industries "planning" are being submitted to the State Council, and will be announced as soon as possible. As the cornerstone of the seven new industries, new materials will usher in a golden period of rapid development. Special glass (including PV glass and ultra-thin glass two sub industry) as an important raw material for the new energy industry and high-tech industry, was listed as the "new material industry" 12th Five-Year "development plan" focus on the development of the industry, the future will continue to benefit from the policy support and conforms to the national economic development and transformation direction.
    Special glass benefits from policy support
    As one of the strategic emerging industries and the pillar industries of the national economy, special glass will be faced with unprecedented opportunities in the next ten years.
    This year, the government has issued relevant documents, to support the development of photovoltaic TCO glass and ultra-thin glass and other special glass industry. The "daily economic news" reporter query data found that "building materials industry" 12th Five-Year "development guidance" clearly put forward to focus on the development of solar glass, ultra-thin substrate such as glass deep-processing products ", pointed out that the special glass production mainly in developed countries emerging strategic industry layout or related downstream industries in the provinces. In the large and medium-sized cities and better logistics conditions, support the construction of energy-saving doors and windows, curtain walls, functional glass, boutique decoration and home glass production base. The "opinion" predicted that in 2012, China's flat glass needs 750 million weight boxes, coated glass 140 million square meters, solar photovoltaic glass 160 million square meters, 220 million square meters of automotive safety glass, ultra-thin display substrate glass 120 million square meters.
    TCO glass in short supply
    At present, the traditional polycrystalline silicon solar cells account for about 80% of the total PV market. However, the conversion efficiency and cost of thin-film solar cells are improved, the process is simpler, and the energy consumption is less.
    GF Securities analyst Wang Fei pointed out that building materials, TCO glass domestic enterprises have a serious shortage of production capacity, scanty photovoltaic TCO glass production capacity, with TCO photovoltaic glass production line manufacturers is the main CSG, Xinyi Glass, xiuqiang, Airlines special glass, kibing group of a few, the existing production line in pre production status TCO, photovoltaic glass supply enterprises mainly rely on imports, so prices, high prices, domestic manufacturers of import substitution space.
    The demand for ultra-thin glass is huge
    IPhone and iPad's hot selling have brought huge demand space for touch screen. According to Gartner forecast, in the next few years, the average annual growth rate of smart phones, tablet PCs and 3D TV products will exceed 50%, which will bring the rapid development of the touch screen industry, the upstream raw material ultra-thin glass demand will also rise.
    TFT-LCD is one of the best LCD color display devices, will be the mainstream of the future market.
    The Milky Way Securities Building Materials researcher told the "daily economic news" reporter, because the production process is extremely difficult, the ultra-thin glass production by Asahi, Corelle and other giants monopoly. Due to the technical blockade imposed by foreign manufacturers, China's ultra-thin glass production capacity gap is very large, but it is still heavily dependent on imports.
Thin glass and TCO glass themed investment opportunities


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