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Have you heard of these special glass?

time:01st January 70

1, playing the broken glass
     A British aircraft manufacturing company invented an unbreakable glass for airplanes. It was a laminated glass made of loose, sticky, transparent plastic film. The poly (vinyl chloride) based plastic film has a viscous half liquid consistency. When someone tries to break it, the attacked poly (vinyl chloride) film will slowly gather together and restore its own unique integrity. This kind of glass can be used in cars to guard against theft.
2. Nail glass
    The glass, developed by the MITSUBISHI Electronics Laboratory in Japan, is a mixture of boric acid glass and carbonized fibers heated to 1000 degrees celsius. It is made of hard alloy reinforced glass, its maximum fracture stress is more than 2 times of ordinary glass, no brittle weakness, nail and wood screws, do not worry about crushing.
3, non reflective glass
    The non reflective glass developed by SCHOTT glass company, Germany, has a light reflectivity of less than 1% (8% of normal glass), thus solving the problem of glass reflection and dazzling headache.
4. Burglarproof glass
    The glass, made by a Hungarian Institute, is a multi story structure with very thin metal wires embedded in each layer. If the thieves shatter the glass, the alarm system connected with the metal wire will immediately send out an alarm signal.
5, soundproof glass
    A Japanese company introduced technology from Germany to produce a new type of soundproof glass. This glass is soft resin with 5 mm thick two layers of glass together, almost will bruit absorbed, especially suitable for the studio and studio use. It's 5 times the price of ordinary glass.
6, air conditioning glass
    This is a kind of double glazing processing, can be sent to the glass insulation layer, through the pores distributed to the interior, instead of radiators. This not only saves energy, but also convenient, sound insulation and dust-proof, and in the summer can be changed to send cold air.
7. Intelligent dimming glass
    Transparent and opaque state of glass can be controlled at any time
It's not magic, but there is a liquid crystal dimmer (PDLC) between the glass, and it is tightly fixed between two pieces of glass through a composite glue.
    When energized, the liquid crystal polymer liquid crystal material in the film under the action of the electric field will be ordered, so that light can easily penetrate into the transparent glass, and turn off the power, liquid crystalline polymer material can be disturbed not normally sorted into atomized state, let you see through the root.


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