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KGC100-transparent ceramic glass

Item: KGC100
Name: transparent ceramic glass
Max size: 1500mm x 450mm
Thickness: 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm
Max heat-resistant temperature: 800 degree C
Application:fireplace glass, oven glass door, and so on.

Product Description


No radioactivity,
No harm to body,
High resistance of heat,
High resistance of sudden cold and sudden hot,
High resistance of corrosion.
Mechanical Property Reference Value
Density 2.5g/cm3
Mok's rigidity >6.5
Volume resistance (50-350 °c) 1010 Ω*cm
Impacting resistance 2.3KJ/m2
Coefficient of thermal expansion 8.0×10-7cm/cm.℃
Max heat-resistant temperature 800℃